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Wholesale (White Powder Coated)


Color: Powder Coated White
Size: 750ml / 25oz.
1 Bottle $19.50, 2 Bottles $19.00, 3 Bottles $18.50, 4 Bottles $18.00

5+ Bottles $16.50

555 in stock

  • If this is a repeat order and the customer wants the same engraving and you do not wish for us to send another proof please upload last approved proof to the order and reference last order number.  

    If you used the Proof Generating Tool, please upload image below. 

    *Note that all images attached are assumed proof approved and no changes to engraving can be changed after submission. All submissions are final.

    • (max file size 25 MB)
    • (max file size 25 MB)

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    1. In order to receive free digitizing on orders for 6+ units, you must send us the Hi-Resolution logo format. These can be either in Adobe Illustrator (.ai), eps or PDF. The Logos need to be clean and crisp in order for the engraving to match the logo. Sending us low-resolution logos will delay the proofing process and in cases produce a low-quality engraving.

    2. If you do not have access to a Hi-Res logo file, we can clean up logo files for $50-$75 depending on how much work is needed. If a client has a custom logo, their graphic designer has the correct file types. Dragging and dropping logos from websites or google searches will produce a low-quality engraving and slow down the process. Pulling images of artwork off google is copyright infringement if you do not own the file format. 

    3. Orders under 6 units will incur a $50 logo set up fee if the hi-res logo file is not sent to us from the start. 

    Here is an example of a bad logo

    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • (max file size 25 MB)
    • (max file size 25 MB)

    New logos incur a one time set up fee of $25

    • 0 $

    Input engraving instructions for the type of layout wanted. If doing a different name for each bottle be sure to input list of names here. Variable names will incur a $25 set up fee and $1 extra per bottle Also, put double sided instructions and any special instructions in this box. 

    If this is a repeat order and the customer wants the same engraving and you do not wish for us to send another proof please upload last approved proof to the order and reference last order number.  

    If you used the Proof Generating Tool, please upload image below. 

    *Note that all images attached are assumed proof approved and no changes to engraving can be changed after submission. All submissions are final.

    A $5 charge per order. *not per item

    In order to receive free logo digitizing on orders over 6+ units, we need a Hi-Res file of your customer's logo. The best file format for us is Adobe Illustrator (.ai), .eps or pdf format. An order under 6 units will incur a $50 set up fee if the right file type is incorrect. If you do not have access to  Hi-Res format of the logo, we can set it up for you for a $50 charge. *Sending us a low res logo will delay your order. Dragging and dropping images from websites will provide you a low res file and will delay your order. We do not charge set-up fees for National Brands like Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker etc. 

Buy Indian Valium Online
SKU: vinnsulator-white-ws Category: Valium Buy India Tags: Buy 100 Diazepam, Buy Diazepam From India


Vinnsulator by Stratos is the #1 way to keep your beverages perfectly chilled on the move.

Vacuum sealed with 3 layers of insulation.  No cooler needed and no annoying bottle sweating. No freezing required.

Color:Powder Coated White
Size: 750ml / 25oz.
Material: Double-wall stainless steel with third wall insulation.
BPA free. Non-Leaching. Vacuum Sealed. Not recommended for storage in the freezer or cleaning in the dishwasher.

1 Bottle $19.50, 2 Bottles $19.00, 3 Bottles $18.50, 4 Bottles $18.00

5+ Bottles $16.50