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Vinnsulator (Teal)


Vacuum sealed with 3 layers of insulation.  No cooler needed and no annoying bottle sweating. No freezing required.

Color: Teal
Size: 750ml / 25oz.
Material: Double-wall stainless steel with third wall insulation.
BPA free. Non-Leaching. Vacuum Sealed. Not recommended for storage in the freezer or cleaning in the dishwasher.


12 in stock

Buy 100 Diazepam

Buy Diazepam Online From India, Buy Valium 5Mg Online

Vinnsulator by Stratos is the #1 way to keep your beverages perfectly chilled on the move.

Vacuum sealed with 3 layers of insulation.  No cooler needed and no annoying bottle sweating. No freezing required.

Color: Teal
Size: 750ml / 25oz.
Material: Double-wall stainless steel with third wall insulation.
BPA free. Non-Leaching. Vacuum Sealed. Not recommended for storage in the freezer or cleaning in the dishwasher.