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ChargeHub X7-7 Port USB Charger


Our ChargeHub X7 7 Port USB Charger is compact and ready to charge virtually any 7 USB devices fast with 2.4amp max output per port or 8.8 amps overall. Perfect for the office or on the road!

Additional Accessories Included:

Micro USB CableLinx®Buy Indian Valium Online
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  •  Printed on a polyester based synthetic paper, these inserts have incredible tear strength and durability.

    • (max file size 25 MB) $

    Add Customer Name, Phone, Number, Website, email etc...

    Specify placements above or below logo.

    • $
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The ChargeHub X7 7 Port USB Charger can charge up to 7 USB devices simultaneously with 48 watts of total power! The package includes (1) ChargeHub with Power Supply, (1) CableLinx Micro to USB Charge Cable, (1) User Manual, and (1) Clear Lens with Removable Film to protect the top insert.


The ChargeHub X7 7 Port USB Charger uses patent-pending SmartSpeed Technology to provide an impressive 2.4 amps per port, or 8.8 amps overall. In addition, the ChargeHub X7 is compatible with almost any USB chargeable devices including iPhone 7/6s/Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/mini, Galaxy S7/S6/Edge/Plus, Note 5/4, LG, Nexus, HTC and More.

Thinking you’d love to take this powerful charge with you on the go? You’re in luck! The ChargeHub X7 7 Port USB Charger is compatible with the Vehicle Power Cable and International Travel Kit accessories (sold separately) that can be used in a variety of places from home or work, to cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and most airplanes!


The unique technology of the ChargeHub X7 allows for a powerful charge to be delivered to multiple devices all while using only one outlet! As a result, this creates a neat and organized space and in turn eliminates excess cables, multiple outlet usage, and clunky power strips.


Lastly, the ChargeHub X7 7 Port USB Charger is proud to deliver optimum quality, safety and durability. The ChargeHub has undergone extensive testing to secure multiple product quality, safety, and durability certifications including: